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Viveve for Vaginal Rejuvenation

It doesn’t matter how you arrive at menopause, whether it’s naturally, through a hysterectomy, or due to cancer treatment, estrogen production in your body starts to plummet. Because estrogen is the defining hormone behind many reproductive functions, the changes women experience are often life-changing.

While hot flashes are perhaps the most common and well-known symptom, menopause creates issues in the genitourinary systems of many women. Sex can become uncomfortable or even painful, and tissue changes through your pelvis may cause problems with your urinary tract, too.

Dr. Carolyn Kochert offers ViveveⓇ, a minimally invasive treatment system that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate tissue regrowth to improve vaginal health. Viveve treatments are a high-tech solution for an age-old problem.

The problems of vaginal atrophy

Despite being a normal part of every woman’s life, your combination of symptoms during menopause may be as individual as you are. Severity also varies widely. What is just a nuisance to one woman could drastically interfere with another’s daily life.

Vaginal atrophy is one effect of menopause that affects many women. Changes to your vagina may include:

However, your vaginal health isn’t the only intimate area affected by menopause. You may have urinary issues, too. Doctors often refer to the combined vaginal and urinary problems as the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). 

Effects on your urinary tract may include:

The Viveve solution

As skin and vaginal tissues age, the structural protein called collage wanes. That’s where Viveve can help -- by renewing collagen production. 

The treatment uses controlled radiofrequency energy to selectively warm the deeper tissues in your vaginal walls. The probe also features cooling action which minimizes impact on vaginal surface tissues. During treatment, the deeper tissue absorbs the controlled radiofrequency energy and begins to warm.

As the tissue warms, it starts the process of new collagen production. In the weeks following treatment, the collagen in your vagina is renewed, bringing rejuvenated conditions. While results vary between patients, many women find Viveve treatment leads to a more youthful feel and function.

You can expect to see improvements in sexual performance, more natural lubrication, and firmer, stronger vaginal walls. The urinary symptoms of GSM also start to fade.

You can find out more about Viveve and how it can ease your menopausal symptoms. Contact Dr. Kochert and her team at 765-274-0723, or request an appointment using the online tool. The best part of your life starts now. Arrange a consultation today.

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