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To Walk or Lift Weights?

For the last few decades, cardio has been the recommended exercise for losing weight. So, we’ve created a nation that walks or runs for exercise. Weightlifting was used for toning up before spring break or for men to “get big”.

Fitness professionals have learned that it’s best to do cardio and strength training to lose weight, stay fit and look great. Benefits of weight training include: increasing muscle mass, increasing resting metabolism rate, maintaining muscle mass for older adults, and preventing and slowing osteoporosis.

Adding weight training twice a week to your exercise routine can also boost your walking/running performance. How often have your tight hamstrings or calf muscles caused you to stop a bout of running or walking? Whatever muscle is hurting is limiting your cardio! Strengthening and stretching these muscles will help you push through a cardio plateau.

Our $5K Club is designed with this in mind. We do about 20 minutes of strength training (upper, lower or core), 20 minutes of cardio, then stretch. It’s a great class for losing weight, improving cardiovascular fitness, and increasing power and training for longer walking or running times.

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