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Stem Cell Therapy Could Be the Solution to Your Hair Loss

For years, doctors have used different methods to treat hair loss, none with the kind of implications associated with this new option: stem cell therapy. While the treatment isn’t yet available except in rare cases, stem cell therapy might change the problem of hair loss as we know it.

Dr. Carolyn Kochert and the rest of us at Dr. Kochert Pain & Health in Lafayette, Indiana, offer regenerative medicine options for a number of issues, such as weight loss, signs of aging, and skin conditions. One of the most exciting treatments we’ve seen on the horizon in terms of regenerative medicine, however, is stem cell therapy for hair loss.

What is stem cell therapy for hair loss, and how does it work?

Stem cell therapy uses your body’s own cells to create regenerative effects. Dr. Kochert uses stem cell therapy to treat a number of conditions, including surgical wounds, arthritis, severe muscle strain, tendon damage, and more. Stem cell therapy for hair transplants, though, is a whole different ball game.

The process involves harvesting cells from your bone marrow or adipose tissue or  using placental tissue, then mixing with PRP and injecting into the scalp where increasing hair follicles is needed. This is then followed by treating the area with Microdermabrasion with PRP  and then adding cold laser therapy. 

The excitement surrounding stem cell hair transplants

If you’ve ever been treated for hair loss, or if you know someone who struggled with this condition, you may be wondering what makes stem cell hair transplants such a big deal. After all, hair loss treatments have never been incredibly effective. This time, research is extremely promising.

A study in Italy that involved the successful implantation of stem cells showed a 29% increase in hair follicle density 23 weeks following the final treatment. This is a considerable success, even though the treatment has not been fully vetted or approved by the FDA. 

In addition, side effects seem to be minimal, although information about possible issues is incomplete because the treatment is in its research phase. 

Suffice it to say that stem cell therapy has few known side effects, and that the main risks associated with the procedure are those associated with nearly every surgery: infection and bleeding. As such, these side effects can be easily monitored and treated quickly.

Am I a good candidate for a stem cell hair transplant?

It’s very possible. The treatment seems as if it will be effective for many different causes for baldness and hair loss, including androgenetic alopecia, male androgenetic alopecia, and cicatricial alopecia. Most people who are in good health will likely be good candidates for this treatment.

Stem cell therapy for hair loss isn’t available … yet

But patients may only have to wait until 2020 before clinics like ours can start offering this treatment option. If you’d like to learn more now or make an appointment with Dr. Kochert, call 765-274-0723 or make an appointment here on our website

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