Here's How Your Hormones Change As You Age

Hormones change as we age, and this goes for both men and women. While some symptoms may be different, the common issues like depression and low sex drive can be immensely frustrating. The key is to get you feeling young and healthy again. 

At Dr. Kochert Pain & Health in Lafayette, Indiana, we treat both men and women with hormone depletion issues. And Dr. Carolyn Kochert believes in doing this in a natural way, with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We do a comprehensive blood test and physical to create the perfect plan for your individual needs. You’ll start to feel better within just a few days and really notice the difference within weeks. 

Changing hormone issues for women

Entering perimenopause means a loss of estrogen, as well as progesterone for women. The decline in progesterone affects the menstrual period. But it’s the drop in estrogen that causes vaginal dryness, loss of vaginal elasticity, low sex drive, and less interest in sexual activity overall.  Other issues include: 

Changing hormone issues for men

The change in male hormones seems to be more gradual, but occurs as you age, and still has severe negative effects. Depression, weight gain, brain fog, and a reduced sex drive are common in both men and women suffering from hormone depletion. But the other signs of low levels of testosterone include: 

The first step to an accurate diagnosis is a blood test for both men and women. Once the issue is clearly determined, the treatment can begin. 

Treatment for hormone depletion

It’s called bioidentical hormone therapy replacement because the hormones used are chemically identical to the ones our bodies produce naturally, and they’re derived from plants or animals. Dr. Kochert uses pellets that are placed in a small incision in either your buttocks or abdomen. You’ll get local anesthesia beforehand, and then surgical glue or tape to close the incision.

The reason we use the pellets is that they don’t affect your liver or blood glucose levels, and don’t cause issues with blood pressure. Other treatments are inconsistent and can actually make your symptoms worse. The whole reason for hormone therapy replacement is to consistently feel better and healthy, and feel like you have your energetic life back. 

The positive effects last about three to five months for women, and four to six months for men. We’ll monitor your hormone levels regularly, and then repeat the treatment when needed so there’s no drop off and things are consistent. 

Don’t suffer from the effects of menopause or low testosterone any more. Call us or use the Request Appointment button to schedule an appointment now.

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