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7 Things You Can Do To Start Losing Weight Now!

1. Sleep
You NEED to get 8 hours of quality sleep. If you are not sleeping well, it is important to be evaluated to check adrenal function and other medical issues that can lead to poor sleep and fatigue. During sleep, the body will rebuild and repair while also releasing hormones that promote lean muscle growth and fat loss. Sleep deprivation is directly related to obesity and chronic disease.

2. Nutrition
With calorie deprivation muscle is broken down for fuel. We need a constant energy source to avoid muscle breakdown. It is critical to stabilize blood sugars to decreased sugar surges and insulin spikes because high insulin levels lead to weight storage.

Three influences on blood sugar levels to remember to avoid insulin spikes:

  1. Meal intervals-should have a small healthy meal every 3-4 hours (6 meals a day)
  2. Follow the following nutrient ratios-
    Protein 30% (important for lean muscle mass and metabolism)
    Fat 30% (important for energy and hormone production)
    CHO (carbohydrate) 40% (important for energy)
    Need fat and protein with CHO to decrease the sugar absorption rate and resulting insulin spikes.
  3. The total calories per meal need to be followed to avoid a spike in insulin and subsequent fat storage:

                                            200-300 calories for females

                                            300-400 calories for males

It is important to maintain stable blood sugar levels to allow the body to then burn fat for its energy and not lean muscle.  Remember to eat enough calories to hit target calorie needs based on metabolic rate testing. NO dieting or skipping meals (calorie or CHO restriction). This leads to muscle breakdown and slowed metabolism as the body enters “survival mode” and stores up any calories as fat. 

3. Exercise
Some form of exercise should be done on most days of the week. 

4. Supplements
Using the correct supplements are important to maintain strength and optimize body and cellular function.

5. Hormones
Lab levels should be evaluated and results optimized for health and body composition. As mentioned earlier hormone balancing is a big part of creating health and harmony in the body.

6. Water            
Sip, and drink filtered water throughout the day and before meals (½ body weight in ounces a day).

7. Stress Management
Yoga, meditation, time for self, reading, a light walk, deep breathing, walking or “down time”.

This should be done on most days of the week.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Committed to your health,

Wendy Augenstein

Medical Fitness Trainer

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