5 Reasons Bioidentical Hormone Therapy May Be the Best Solution for Your Menopause Symptoms

Do you find yourself missing the vigor you had when you were in your 20s? If so, you’re not alone. Many men and women find themselves experiencing unpleasant side effects from menopause-related hormone depletion.

Dr. Carolyn Kochert understands how frustrating it feels to experience symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, and irritability. At Dr. Kochert Pain & Health in Lafayette, Indiana, she offers a natural solution, bioidentical hormone therapy, that dramatically reduces the physical effects of menopause for women and men.

If you’re ready to reclaim your energy and thrive during menopause, bioidentical hormone therapy just might be the answer to your needs.

1. Bioidentical hormone therapy offers effective, quick relief of menopause symptoms

Beginning in middle age, the hormones in women’s and men’s bodies change — estrogen levels in women decrease, likewise testosterone in men. When that change happens, you might find yourself experiencing a number of symptoms, ranging from depression to low sex drive, that impact your quality of life.

Bioidentical hormone therapy works by replacing your body’s original hormones. After treatment, expect quick relief of your distressing menopause symptoms. Within a few days to two weeks, you should find yourself feeling like your younger self again.

2. Bioidentical hormone therapy works with your individual physical needs

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a natural approach where treatment is tailored to your situation. At the start of your treatment, Dr. Kochert uses blood testing to develop a unique plan for your body. She uses the results to create a hormone replacement formulation based specifically on what your body needs for symptom relief.

3. Bioidentical hormone therapy involves a personalized approach

Not only is your hormone plan unique, but so is your relationship with your doctor. Dr. Kochert values developing mutually trusting relationships and spends time getting to know you and your experience with menopause before treatment begins.

Additionally, she continues to closely monitor you at Dr. Kochert Pain & Health for the duration of your bioidentical hormone therapy. You’re always able to check in with Dr. Kochert with any questions during your treatment.

4. Bioidentical hormone therapy is simple, painless, and long-lasting

Your bioidentical hormone treatment is available as custom compounded creams for use at home or as implanted pellets.  Pellet placement takes place in a comfortable office setting and is a quick and painless procedure. Once she’s formulated your hormone replacement plan, Dr. Kochert inserts your hormones using small pellets. The pellets ensure you get a stable, regular dose of needed hormones for the entire course of your treatment. For this quick outpatient procedure, you’re given local anesthesia to assure full comfort.

The results of your treatment can last as long as six months. Dr. Kochert works with you to develop a treatment plan that stays up to date.

5. Bioidentical hormone therapy is safe

We’re pleased to tell you that bioidentical hormone therapy is FDA-approved, and you should feel confident that not only is it an effective treatment but also a safe one. Treatments only get FDA-approved after years of clinical studies, so you can have peace of mind as you begin your treatment.

If you live in or near the Lafayette, Indiana, community, you’ll be happy to know that Dr. Kochert offers bioidentical hormone therapy right in your area. To get started bringing relief to your menopause symptoms, call (765) 274-0723 or request an initial consultation online.

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