Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Kochert’s Program

With nutritional products and strategies available only to medical doctors, Dr. Kochert offers results that no commercial program can match. We are dedicated to helping you lose weight quickly and safely, but most importantly, we want to help you keep the weight off permanently.

Safe and Effective

The goal is to ensure that you lose fat, maintain muscle, and increase your metabolic rate. Your personal Wellness Coach can explain in detail how much of the weight lost is from fat, how much is from water or muscle, and adjust your program accordingly. This approach allows you to better maintain your weight in the future.

Personal Support

With specialized training and experience, Dr. Kochert and her staff will work to make your weight loss journey as natural as possible. With each new visit, you’ll learn valuable insights into how you can approach your daily life differently to maintain the new weight you have achieved. Our staff is there to help you every step of the way.